Indexed Universal Life insurance contracts are Life Savings Accounts

People need protection against lifetime financial uncertainties. People worry about saving enough for a lifetime financial security and peace of mind. They simply want a comfortable life and the knowledge that they do not have to struggle for their goals until the last minute of their life. About 40% of families are unprotected by life insurance. In addition, the 60% of households with life insurance have enough to provide financial support for only 5 years or less, on average. Most experts suggest coverage should equal at least 10 times annual income. We must work hard to change the perception so many have of the lifetime financial security and peace of mind.

Savings in Your Life Savings Accounts for Lasting Financial Security and Peace of Mind

Regardless of age, race, gender or marital status, planning for financial security and peace of mind in our Indexed Universal Life Insurance (Life Savings) Accounts today is very much different than it was during the life of our parents. If we live too long or become seriously ill, the cost of living and the uncertainty of Social Security will cause us to carefully plan for a lifespan of 120 years. One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is to put off planning for financial security and peace of mind in the Indexed Universal Life Insurance (Life Savings) Accounts until it is too late. Don’t do that to yourself or your family. In your best interest, you should get Indexed Universal Life Insurance (Life Savings) Accounts right away after you start working in your first job because the younger you are the lower the premium. Do your research and make sure you are getting the right life insurance policy for your needs. Do get Indexed Universal Life Insurance that meets your needs. I know some innovative Indexed Universal Life Insurance contracts are really your Life Savings Accounts that can become your seven or eight figure family banks for an emergency fund in one to ten years. With your Indexed Universal Life Insurance contracts set up, you can then have lifetime financial security and peace of mind completely.

Grow Your Bank Accounts to Seven or even Eight Figures

You don’t need a net worth of a million dollars or more to enjoy the privilege at the beginning. It seems like impossible to have a significant gain in our regular savings accounts because of very low interest rates. However, in our Indexed Universal Life Insurance contracts, the account value is allowed to benefit from an upturn in the stock market while protecting it from any downturns. With much higher interest rates, the Rule of 72 can give you an estimate of when the account value will double itself. As long as you can save part of your income from $50.00 to $5,000.00 a month into such Indexed Universal Life Insurance (Life Savings) Accounts, you are all set to have the lifetime financial security and peace of mind at least for yourself. The more you save monthly less than the 7 Pay Test amount, the sooner your account value becomes seven or eight figures. You can also get the income protection whenever you have an injury, accident, a serious illness (critical or disabled or even terminal) as the living benefits. No matter what your marital status is (single, married, divorced, widowed, etc.), you should buy Indexed Universal Life Insurance contracts. There is cash available for you to pay off student loans, mortgage, etc. The cash can quickly be seven or even eight figures with compound interest since the first monthly payment.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance Contracts Are Exactly Life Savings Accounts

People need protection against lifetime financial uncertainties.

We, at Boston FFS Insurance Services, make promises to help create better futures for each and every client through innovative financial solutions. We can help you create a roadmap for your lifetime financial security and peace of mind with products that can help you experience life. All our clients have unique needs and desires for their lifetime financial security. There is no one single solution. We will take the time to listen, and then put together a plan that matches your specific needs. We have years of experience in assisting thousands of clients with sound innovative exclusive Indexed Universal Life Insurance plans. Whether it is to ensure financial protection, enjoy a lasting retirement, or have funds available to send a child to school or pay for unexpected medical care if needed, our vision is to bring peace of mind to everyone we touch with a flexible premium. Our clients can get many benefits in one single higher face value policy in their lifetime. Now, people buy Indexed Universal Life Insurance as a way to help replace income lost if something happens to them prematurely. Indexed Universal Life Insurance can also help the insured to pay off debt, mortgage, education and medical costs, home and car down payments, and use as a retirement income. However simple or sophisticated your needs, our goal is to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your finance is secure and you and your loved ones can enjoy all that life has to offer. Contact Boston FFS Insurance Services today and take the first step toward a worry-free and enjoyable financial security and peace of mind in your Indexed Universal Life Insurance (Life Savings) Accounts! Feel free to browse our website, access our free reports, and contact me today. We are willing to take the time to complete the educational process with our clients, and build trust by truly informing you and answering all of your questions. As clients, you have a responsibility as well. You need to be willing to speak up and ask questions. We are helpful and patient in the entire process. We hope to get more referrals in the future especially because of the excellent customer service provided by us. We hope our clients are excitedly talking about their positive experiences. Saving money is hard. Running out of money to make ends meet is also hard. Make your choice wisely!