The Real Secret of Money in Life

We are always wondering whether it would be possible to find the fastest, easiest way to put $10,000 in our pocket in the next 30 days without working. How could we make such a dream become truth in our life for financial security and peace of mind? Let us look at the issue carefully.

Turn $100 Into More Than a Million Dollars

We all wish to have a magic potential in turning $100.00 into more than a million dollars in weeks or so. People used to think of winning a lottery in a minute for such a magic potential to become true. However, the chance of winning a lottery is very slim. In reality, we at first need to save as much as we can our hard-earned income in our family bank for years until the savings amount is twenty thousand dollars or more. It is because we need at least fifteen thousand dollars to set up a risky speculative working account to trade stocks. We need even more money to buy real estate properties as an investment. Losses are part of the game. Despite how much money we pay for coaching and training on those important rules to successful investing, risk-adjusted ways to determine how much of any stock and how many real estate properties we should buy to make sure that the risks we are taking are equally spread across our portfolio to help us rebalance regularly, we could hardly avoid big losses at all. We can’t tell what we are doing, or what is going to happen next in the property and stock market speculation. Thus, we have an even much bigger chance of declaring bankruptcy than winning a lottery. We can now have a much safer alternative to save money and enjoy financial security and peace of mind for life. Don’t let fear or doubts prevent us from buying great indexed universal life insurance contracts and compounding our wealth to be outperforming the most successful billionaire investors.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance Contracts Are the Best Financial Income-generating Investment for Life

An indexed universal life insurance policy issued by an insurance carrier that has a minimum guarantee where crediting of the interest to the account value is determined by the performance of the Standard and Poor’s 500® Index. An Indexed Universal Life insurance contract provides lifetime coverage that is unbundled and flexible, yet earns potentially much higher interest. Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance products having been developed since 1997 are a solution for people who want the safety and guarantees of Universal Life insurance contracts, but also wanted a potential for greater interest crediting for the greater upside potential. This permanent type of life insurance product provides lifetime coverage as well as no loss guaranteed cash values and death benefits. The client has some control over the policy. The insurance company assumes any risk in the event of a downturn in the stock market values. The Indexed Universal Life Insurance policyholder is always protected by the minimum no loss guarantee, regardless of stock market performance. This type of life savings and investment product is typically positioned for clients who are risk averse, but want greater potential for indexed gains. Indexed universal life insurance products have greater upside potential, minimum guarantees, and downside protection. A consumer can not lose their principal due to fluctuations in the stock market values.

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