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We help you gain freedom and happiness. First Financial Security, Inc. (FFS) is a national brokerage agency that partners with some of the leading insurance carriers. We have created a solid business platform that will sustain our growth in years to come. We are confident in our systems, processes, and people to be better than anything our industry has known, better than our competitors, and our systems will become the standard for our entire industry going forward. At FFS, we are committed to the success of FFS representatives licensed to deliver innovative financial products to households across America. In developing our independent career opportunity, we have left nothing to chance. From our seamless on-boarding program to innovative proprietary products to a cause you will want to support, FFS provides you with the entrepreneur edge.

We are committed to offering our clients with the latest financial products such as indexed universal life insurance that match up with their goals and needs. Through the agreements with some of the country leading carriers, the independent sales force of First Financial Security is able to provide clients with the power of choice. Our proprietary products are created exclusively for First Financial Security and are available only from a fully licensed and contracted First Financial Security representative. These types of products are specifically designed to offer features currently not available in off-the-shelf products to better meet the needs of our customers. The carrier willingness to devote substantial resources to develop these products reflects a long-term commitment to our markets and to us. Among our products are those allowing a client account value to benefit account value to benefit from an upturn in the stock market while protecting it from any downturns.

First Financial Security is helping life insurance associates like us become an entrepreneur by showing us how to build our business within their successful business model. They are providing us with leadership, technology, back-office support and much more. The best thing is while we help our families, we are helping the other people achieve a better financial future, too. First Financial Security provides everything we need to start our business the right way and thrive during those critical first days and weeks of business with an excellent business model.

Our exclusive indexed universal life insurance allows a client account value to benefit account value to benefit from an upturn in the stock market while protecting it from any downturns.

We are committed to offering our clients with the latest indexed universal life insurance products that match up with their goals and needs.

We are looking for individuals to fill independent contractor situations. There is no base salary. 100% of any earnings come from commissions and bonuses. First Financial Security rewards its leaders for the hard work they put into taking care of their clients and building their businesses.

Every associate gets paid by commission on sales, much better than that offered by the other organizations in the market. A competitive compensation plan that rewards both producers and team builders by allowing them to participate in ongoing renewal commissions, various all-company overrides and bonus programs. If you qualify, you can participate in the Equity Share Plan of the company.

If you are competitive, self-disciplined and entrepreneurial, you are welcome to join First Financial Security with meYou are used to creating your own customer leads via personal networking and marketing, strive for recognition with a business venture where you are thriving on the connection of success and hard work and wanting to help people solve the risks of everyday life. The longer you stick around in the insurance industry, the easier and more remunerative it gets, because of referrals and residuals. You have the best chances for success

Come and join First Financial Security with me to bring financial literacy to Americans who need it and help the other people while you are creating a better life for your family by introducing people our exclusive life insurance products and building your own network teams proactively. If you enjoy forging relationships and are committed to client service and can handle plenty of rejection, you can make it the best career in your life. Call or text 617-657-4122 or 617-431-6185 or email me for more information and assistance.