Asset Transformation Allocation

A clear schedule of your asset transformation can be set.

Heavy Debt Loads Diminish Our Asset


Lenders always take advantage of their customers. People may turn their short-term financial difficulties into a nightmare from which escape can be extraordinarily difficult. They at first may be taking out a loan to meet unexpected expenses or often simply to buy food or pay rent or electricity bills. They may sometimes be overly optimistic to dream that they could somehow manage to make more money than their expenses to pay off the balances of their credit cards, car and student loans, mortgage, etc. altogether sooner with the extra income. In that case, their current debt amounts would seem to be no big deal in a very short time. However, what if they are unfortunately running short of cash month after month for years because of job loss or less income? What is worse, they would default on their loans if they were unable to improve their financial situation soon enough. The total interest payments on the loan principal can be very significant because the interest is calculated on the remaining loan principal balance, usually an average balance over a period of time.


Asset Protection Management Plans


People can protect and manage their valuable asset in innovative ways as the new normal. In America, for example, 90% of people buy cars traditionally with money of the other people to pay for the cars. Thus, those people pay interest to their lending financial institutions for the purchase. The remaining 10% of Americans save with little or even no compound interest and pay cash for their cars and the other high valued properties. In either case, people get nothing left after the purchases for a lifetime privilege of driving cars that are only a depreciating asset. However, people can turn their car purchase payments into an appreciating asset with our innovative proprietary asset protection management plan.


This video shows more details on how our innovative proprietary asset transformation management plan can be a very good investment in a passive, residual income, cash-flow producing asset you should initiate for secured wealth.

With our plan, clients can pay off all their debts sooner and thus recapture the interest that they should have been paying the financial institutions and sales taxes charged in each business transaction. The interest and tax our clients saved is money they earned without working hard. In such a way, it has been proven that our clients could increase their overall savings rate by over 500% while recapturing their own debt and paying themselves the interest instead! People need our innovative proprietary asset protection management plan to safely and steadily grow their asset with positive cash flow and a guaranteed return on savings for the rest of their lives.


An introduction to our innovative proprietary asset protection management plan is illustrated, a very good investment in a passive, residual income, cash-flow producing asset you have likely never considered.

They can eliminate all the hassles and losses in dealing with predatory and hard-money lenders. They can start up new or expand their existing businesses with the money in their own accounts without approvals from a third party. They can use the money to pay for college education, wedding, vacations, essential or luxury items. What is more, the money being accumulated in their accounts provides passive income at retirement. Unlike IRA, 401K or the other tax qualified plans; the money in our client accounts is accessible to them at any time without penalties. They can pay off all their loans such as student loans, car loans, credit card balances and mortgages in 9 years or less and enjoy all the benefits​ complied with Section 7702 of the Internal Revenue Code.​


Building Secured Wealth with The New Normal


Turn the interest into an positive cash flow producing asset!

The interest can be turned into an appreciating asset with with our proprietary asset protection management plan.

People should build and share wealth with our innovative proprietary asset transformation and management plan as the new normal in their best interest. People can take control of their own financial future. Our innovative proprietary asset allocation and management plan is created with the highest standards of quality, integrity and professionalism as defined by the Internal Revenue Code. The asset is guaranteed, safe and predictable. Our innovative proprietary asset allocation and management plan can be the greatest legacy value left to younger generations. Our proprietary Asset Allocation Management plan, using a safe, reliable product that provides guarantees and requires no need of student loan consolidation, credit counseling agencies or bankruptcy attorneys for advice, consolidation loan or balance transfer, no nothing else, but peace of mind and secure financial freedom.

Make the most out of our plans in your best interest by simply rotating small amount of your savings to resolve your larger amount of debts in shorter time. Your other investment in CDs, mutual funds, speculations, etc. can never beat our plans saving you taxes and protecting your home and family and offering you many more benefits all at the same time. Even though you can afford to pay cash in purchasing large properties, you should first move your money through our plans to earn more anyway. Don’t leave money on the table!

There is no cost or obligation to find out if this can work for you, but you need to give us some basic information only without your account numbers. Please fill out the forms. Then, send text to or call 617-657-4122 for an appointment. You have 30 days to review the plan. Is that fair enough? The sooner you get your plan set up in effect, the better your American dream!



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