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Dreams Come True with First Financial Security

We work closely with you to achieve the best results for you!


We help you gain freedom and own your home free and clear in 9 years or less with the same amount of savings and spending and more benefits for retirement and education funding.


We help clients set up residual passive income streams by owning real estate investment properties with small amounts of investment to help with college funding for their family and enjoy supplementary retirement income.


We have access to some closed programs that can’t be beat on either price or coverage.


We already have the answers my clients are looking for.


We have helped clients who were not only free of debts within 9 years or less but also enjoyed financial security and peace of mind by saving and investing less than ten thousand dollars in a year.


We have saved clients their retirement plans and turned them into a guaranteed income producing assets even a hundred times larger for life.


We provide value and offer solutions to the health and wealth problems of my clients.


We help one person and one family at a time to stabilize the wealth and health of people.


We support equal housing and wealth opportunities and do this for underserved people like you.


If you want, then please call ☎ or email ✉ us to see if we are a good fit to work together.

We, at Boston FFS Insurance Services, make promises to help create better future for our clients in the State of Massachusetts through our exclusive and innovative financial solutions. Our clients can first complete a complimentary FFS Needs Analysis Data Form. That data form will help us and the clients understand their current financial situation. We will make recommendations in the best interest of our clients from the data for the consideration of the client. We review the analysis of the data collected at the meeting, present a strategy and potential solutions, and discuss any recommended products and services. From life insurance to annuities, we provide products that can help our clients experience life. Whether it is to ensure financial protection, enjoy a lasting retirement, or have funds available send a child to college or pay for the wedding bills or unexpected medical care if needed, our vision is to bring peace of mind to everyone we touch. We would like to make our clients feel it is a pleasure doing business with us. We answer all of our client questions and concerns promptly and professionally. We ensure the life insurance application is the most pleasant our clients have experienced. Through clear communication and dedicated service, our experienced life insurance professionals along with our outstanding operations team offer knowledgeable support and provide a timely, efficient and excellent application process for our customers and referral partners. Boston FFS Insurance Services commits to providing customized exclusive innovative life insurance options that best help our clients meet their specific long-term financial goals. It doesn’t matter whether our clients need some extra cash or access to exclusive benefits. We hope our clients are excitedly talking about their positive experiences and provide their best testimonials about us, our services and products.

We work with newly married couples and single parents who are struggling with how to know what they can afford, how much they need to pay for an Indexed Universal Life insurance premium and what type of our exclusive and innovative plans would be best for them. We help them by offering a free buyer consultation that will show them what they can afford, what their premium payment would need to be and a list of Life Savings Accounts and Indexed Universal Life insurance plans perfect for them in less than 30 minutes. Please fill out this Analysis Form and then call or text 617-657-4122, 617-431-6185 for an appointment.

We help clients who want to take their personal financial security to proven expert status. Regardless of age, race, or gender, my clients are big thinkers, visionaries, and rebels who are not afraid to play big and are willing to invest their time, energy and money into building their financial security for peace of mind, making a difference and leaving a legacy behind for younger generations.


Maximize use of tax-advantaged savings and income opportunities

At FFS, we provide financial education to help families achieve a better future.


We share how the hard-working people, too, could become an entrepreneur. Through education, we will empower people to take charge and create the future they deserve. We will show people how to grow their own, successful business within our business. Come and join First Financial Security with me to bring financial literacy to Americans who need it and help the other people while you are creating a better life for your family by introducing people our exclusive and innovative life insurance products and building your own teams. Licensed FFS representatives are committed to providing products matching the goals and needs of the clients in the best client interest. Among our products are those allowing a client account value to benefit from an upturn in the stock market while protecting it from any downturns.

Boston FFS Insurance Services are proud to support a variety of charities. We will donate part of our annual profits to the non-profit organizations in the Greater Boston area to support their social programs.